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This privacy policy applies to all materials, photos, videos and websites provided by i24.info. In some cases, we may post separate privacy notices for certain products or post materials to provide additional information.

Receiving and using personal information

The i24.info Service receives personal information about the User when registering, using the services of i24.info, or being on the i24.info website. i24.info automatically receives and logs technical information from the User's browser: IP address, cookie, technical data about the browser and operating system and the address of the requested page. Vivomag uses all the information received only for the purpose of: making the services and services as convenient and useful as possible for the User, as well as for analytical purposes of the advertising service, to assist advertisers and publishers in placing advertisements and managing their publications.

Using received e-mail addresses and mobile phone number to send SMS

Email and mobile phone number entered by the User when registering on the i24.info website is used for password recovery, emergency communication with users, as well as for sending notifications in accordance with the established subscriptions in the user settings. The email entered by an unregistered User when submitting a message can be used for any newsletters and notifications to i24.info users, it is published on the i24.info website in clear text.

Use and disclosure of personal information

The i24.info service does not sell or provide personal information about users to anyone, except for the following cases:

  • The user has expressed a desire to disclose this information;
  • without this it is impossible to use a subscription to the desired product or service;
  • this is required by Russian or international law and / or authorities in compliance with legal procedure;
  • The User violates the i24.info User Agreement. As well as the cases given in this privacy policy.
    • Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on the user's previous visits to your site.
    • Advertising preference cookies enable Google and its partners to serve ads based on the user's visits to your and / or other sites.
    • Users can turn off the display of personalized ads in Advertising preferences settings . Alternatively, you can invite users to go to www.aboutads.info and deny third party providers use cookies to serve personalized ads.

    Cookies - when you visit i24.info, we send one or more cookies to your computer or other device. Cookies are used in order to improve the quality of the services provided: to save user settings, improve the selection of advertisements, track trends characteristic of users, for example, the specifics of the selection of publications. i24.info also uses ad service analytics cookies to help advertisers and publishers serve ads and manage their publications.

    Other Sites - This privacy policy applies only to the i24.info site and services. We do not control the sites that appear in advertisements on our site or that are hosted by publishing houses on our site, or that are linked from our services. These sites may place their own cookies on your computer, collect data or request personal information from you.

    Unique Application Numbers - a unique application number that is not associated with information about you or your account, used by some services, for example, when installing i24.info software applications. This number, along with installation information (for example, the type and version of the operating system), may be sent to i24.info when the service is installed or uninstalled when it contacts our servers (for example, when requesting automatic software updates).

    Pol'zovatel'skiye soobshcheniya – kogda vy otpravlyayete v i24.info soobshcheniya (po elektronnoy pochte ili inym sposobom), my mozhem sokhranyat' eti soobshcheniya dlya obrabotki zaprosov, otveta na voprosy i dal'neyshego sovershenstvovaniya nashikh sluzhb. Pri otpravke ili poluchenii SMS nashi sluzhby, podderzhivayushchiye obmen tekstovymi soobshcheniyami, mogut sobirat' i khranit' sleduyushchuyu informatsiyu: nomer telefona, nazvaniye operatora svyazi, soderzhaniye soobshcheniya, data i vremya peredachi. Dlya svyazi s vami po voprosam raboty nashikh sluzhb mozhet ispol'zovat'sya vash adres elektronnoy pochty.


Dostup k lichnoy informatsii o pol'zovatele i24.info ili yego personal'nym nastroykam zashchishchen parolem, kotoryy dazhe v sluchaye utraty ne vosstanavlivayetsya, a menyayetsya na novyy.

Izmeneniya Politiki konfidentsial'nosti

i24.info mozhet vnosit' izmeneniya v Politiku konfidentsial'nosti informatsii. Yesli proiskhodyat sushchestvennyye izmeneniya, i24.info obyazuyetsya soobshchat' o nikh svoim pol'zovatelyam.

User Messages - when you post messages to i24.info (by email or otherwise), we may store these messages to process requests, answer questions, and further improve our services. When sending or receiving SMS, our text messaging services may collect and store the following information: phone number, carrier name, message content, date and time of transmission. Your email address may be used to contact you regarding our services.


Access to personal information about the i24.info user or his personal settings is protected by a password, which, even if lost, is not restored, but replaced with a new one.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

i24.info may make changes to the Information Privacy Policy. If significant changes occur, i24.info undertakes to inform its users about them.