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How to look better in selfies and group photos
Couple On Road Trip Sit On Convertible Car Taking Selfie (iStock)When’s the last time you looked at a photo of yourself and thought, "Dang, I am so incredibly good-looking!" You’re not alone. Let me help. Get rid of your "turkey neck" It’s not just you
Your earbuds are gross - here’s how to clean them the right way
Apple AirPods are displayed (REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach) It's a bit stomach-turning when you think about the germs, viruses, grime, and other crud covering our devices. Dust can do a surprising amount of damage to your TV. Particles find their way into every crack and crevice and stay there unless you do something about it
Biometric data at US airports calls for tighter controls, senators from both parties say
It’s called a biometric gate check — more commonly known as facial recognition . U.S. Customs and (CBP) has used it to process more than 100 million travelers at in the U.S. But now a bipartisan pair of U.S
TECH TIPS: 5 useful tricks you’ll wish someone told you sooner
In the image, a man uses his Iphone and laptop computer at his desk. In the world of , there is a slew of new features and hidden tricks hiding in your everyday devices

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