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UK Travel Restrictions May Ease for Vaccinated Arrivals
The removal of the much-hated and frequently sleazy testing regimen for vaccinated travelers will give a boost for airlines, holiday and tourism companies not just in the UK, but across Europe. It’s time to catch up
SmarterTravel Revives After Tripadvisor Spinoff: Travel Startup Funding This Week
This week a half-dozen travel startups collectively announced more than $87 million in funding, including SmarterTravel, a set of travel content brands once owned by Tripadvisor.— Sean O'Neill This week, travel startups announced more than $87 million in funding
Hotels Steal Booking Momentum From Vacation Rentals: Skift Recovery Index 🔒
Analyzing lodging booking data shows that hotels are now consistently outperforming vacation rentals. Vacation rentals were the winners of 2020, but some pre-pandemic patterns might be returning.— Wouter Geerts Hotel bookings are now consistently outperforming bookings for vacation rentals around the world, analysis by Skift Research shows
Voxel Acquisition Latest Sign of Upheaval in Travel Payments
When they asked Willie Sutton why he robbed banks, he said, “Because that’s where the money is.” You could say the same thing about why the travel sector has had so much recent merger and investment in back-office travel payments

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